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We needed online portal that integrated with our billing system to enable our residents to pay their bills online. The GovTeller Platform was perfect.

Brown County, SD

Our centralized reporting system enables your staff to view transactions in real-time. Viewing payments by user, customer data fields and payments by department provides the data your staff needs to easily reconcile your accounts.

Online Customer Portal

GovTeller - More Than Just a Credit Card Processor

Our PCI-compliant Consumer Portal empowers your organization to allow clients to log in, view their invoice and pay their bill. Simply connect the Consumer Portal to your website via a link that we provide, and your organization can control what the consumer sees by automatically or manually uploading an invoice file into our system. The portal also pairs perfectly with APIs/Web services making it the all-encompassing solution for your online payment needs.

Custom Settlement Times

Card Present Solutions

Our payment-processing platform has the ability to process multiple types of payment methods. Merchants and integrated software providers have the ultimate flexibility for:

Traditional Processing – merchants pay the credit card processing fees

Convenience Fee Processing – merchants add a flat fee to the amount owed by the customer and use that amount to offset their credit card fees

Service Fee Processing – Our zero-cost processing solution.

Our platform integrates with terminal-based and computer-based card present solutions. Whether you need to collect payments at the front desk or you need a wireless solution to accept payments in the field, we’ve got you covered. Our Swipe- and EVM-compliant terminals enable your organization to process credit/debit cards anywhere, anytime.

Real-Time Reporting

Payment Wizard

Our back-end technology has the flexibility to settle batches at specific times. Need to close the credit card settlement file earlier than normal? We can simply configure that time in our system and you are set. By allowing earlier settlement times, we can also provide your organization with next-day funding.

Customers want the option to pay for multiple items in one online payment. Our Payment Wizard allows customers to select items, add them to their shopping cart, and simply check out. The Payment Wizard combines the items and processes them in one transaction while breaking down the details for you in the reporting section.

Zero-Cost Processing

About GovTeller

GovTeller is powered by Convenient Payments, LLC. We are an advanced technology provider of end-to-end payment solutions, integration platforms and stored-value products for private and public sectors in-person — that is, face-to-face — and online. We offer the most complete payment processing solution for industries wanting to accept credit/debit cards and ACH/Echeck transactions in person, over the phone, through the Internet or through our automated recurring payment module. We pride ourselves on the vast amount of experience we bring to the payments processing industry and the range of payment solutions we deliver to various industries such as government and municipal, property management, education, utilities, traditional merchants and more.

  • Process all your payments for only $25 per month with GovTeller
  • Get 0% processing rates and no minimums
  • PCI & Gateway Fees Included

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